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Washington Gallery was conceived to be an art gallery that anyone can feel comfortable walking into. From seasoned collector to curious consumer, the gallery has something for everyone.


Building on 30 years in the industry and a natural eye for beauty, the mission of the gallery is to create community through education and appreciation for art in all its many forms.


Within our walls, you will find meticulously curated inspiration to fit every taste and every budget. From a simple hand painted notecard, a wooden sculpture or a coffee table book (yes, these are art) to a print of a piece that moves you, or the ultimate acquisition–an original painting, our team can help you every step of the way.


Our mission is to –

  • Feature local and national mid career artists
  • Showcase emerging artists
  • Encourage and inspire rising stars through our Youth Gallery
  • Educate and inspire upcoming artists
  • Offer placement and design consultation

Meet alan



Alan Scott brings a wealth of experience and a passion to Washington Gallery. Born and raised in California, Alan embarked on his art career 30 years ago, cultivating a discerning eye and a large and loyal client base.


In 2022, Alan relocated to the Waco community with his wife Kattya, their children Sophia and James, their beloved dog Dallas, and Alan's mother. Family is a cornerstone for Alan, and that sense of connection extends to the world of art.


Alan's dedication to art and community is inspiring. He believes that art has the power to move, inspire, and connect us all. By fostering a welcoming and informative environment, the Washington Gallery, under Alan's guidance, aims to become a vibrant hub for artistic exploration and appreciation.

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